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Turn Google Sheets Into Engaging Learning and Review Activities

Using Flippity you can easily create fun learning, extension, and review activities with Google Sheets. 

Flippity is a simple tool tied to Google Sheets that is incredibly easy to use. Create activities like flashcards, click and drag manipulatives, scavenger hunt vocabulary games, Jeopardy-like quiz shows, matching and more! Learn how to make activities in the video to the right.

Note: To create your own activities you must create a unique template. This is because each activity auto-generates a separate link published to the web from each activity. Feel free to try and or/use the activities below in your class. You can copy the content BUT must copy your own templates from Flippity and copy-paste the content.

Flippity & Sheets.png

Foragers to Civilization Flashcards

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Model United Nations Quiz Show

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Forager to Civilization Unlock Vocabulary 

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MYP Key & Related Concepts

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Japanese Expansionism Timeline

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New Activity Coming!

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